Youth Mental Health First Aid

This certificated course equips anyone who works or lives with young people to identify signs and symptoms for depression, anxiety, suicide, psychosis, self-harm and eating disorders. It also provides practical tools to intervene and signpost the young person to additional support when it’s needed. It is vital training for anyone working on the front line with young people and, just like physical first aid, it can save lives.

Hope in bereavement

As a bereaved parent myself, I know how valuable a lifeline it was to me to have other kind souls to show me some hope on a dark and often lonely road. If you would like to speak to me either by phone, email or face to face please do get in touch. I only charge for expenses if I have to travel (by prior agreement)

There is always light it’s just sometimes around the corner or behind a cloud so we can’t see it for a while. Hold onto the tiny rays of hope until they grow brighter and I will try to share some of my hope if you need it.


I am happy to work in a coaching or consulting style with anyone who has responsibility for young people from headteachers and boards of governors, pastoral care leaders, safeguarding leads, to parents or individual young adults.

Prior to teaching I worked for 16 years in strategic consultancy. I have brought my strategic skills into Starfish and can work with schools and other settings to look at how to change cultures around mental health attitudes and understanding – from understanding where the culture and provision is currently to creating a vision for the future and how to get there.

Workshops & Talks

These are bespoke to suit the needs of the group and are for 8 participants upwards. From a lunchtime or twilight session or series of sessions, these events blend talk, workshop and question and answer sessions to allow participants to focus on the areas that are a priority for them. One to one coaching or advice also available.

Strategic Workshops are planned and facilitated to develop Mental Wellbeing strategies and put wellbeing at the heart of the culture. Whether it is focus groups or feedback from stakeholders or creating a vision and plan to achieve it, the workshops are structured to achieve clear and actionable outcomes.

Bespoke Training

Bespoke mental wellbeing training for parents, pupils and any adults working with young people are tailored to the individual needs and context of the client based on discussion of the brief. The approach is interactive and practically based so that understanding and knowledge are able to be put into action immediately.


I am happy to share my experience and what I’ve learnt about the importance of mental wellbeing and take responsibility for ourselves as well as each other. I tailor material to suit the setting and audience.

MHFA Accredited Trainer

Pat works independently and with other MHFA England accredited trainers to ensure that every event is tailored to the needs and context of the client.

On a mission to make a difference in mental health and wellbeing, Pat is always happy to hear from people who want to work with her to make this happen and is always open to discussing new ideas.