Meet Pat Sowa

I have extensive experience of working with young people both as a former headteacher in a primary school and as a parent. I trained with Mental Health First Aid England as an instructor in the world renowned programme Young Mental Health First Aid in 2018 and have over 30 years facilitation, teaching and leadership expertise.

Having seen, first hand, the growing crisis in mental health for our young people (and at an ever earlier age) and then having experienced the difficulty in supporting my own son trying to overcome mental health problems has given me the drive and determination to help others going through similar situations. If I had known then what I know now it would really have helped so I’m on a mission to raise awareness and knowledge of mental wellbeing.

It has become apparent to me through my experience that the vast majority of people who work or live with young people (including teachers, nurses and other professionals) want to help but are often not sure how and can be worried about making things worse.

That is why I have founded Starfish – so that I can help others by sharing my knowledge and expertise in mental wellbeing. I bring a blend of best practice from well-founded research and live examples of innovative or proven practice as well as my own experience of supporting children and their parents and carers from many different backgrounds. I also share my own experience to help others learn from my experience.


Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’Martin Luther King Jr.

I have no doubt that Pat has the skills, experience and deep motivation to bring much needed change to the area of mental wellbeing.

John Gellet

Visage Group Chair,

I found Pat to be the absolutely ideal person to talk to with her empathy, warmth and understanding. She has helped me find the confidence and direction which I really needed at this point

Mother of teenagers