Over the 25 years I have known Pat she has seemingly effortlessly changed her direction from immensely successful marketer to a world class business consultant to a truly vocational teacher and headmistress. In reality this has been achieved through her personal vision and investment in the skills needed to transform.
As she turns her attention to mental wellbeing, I see Pat as a force that will build a movement which I am confident will lead to the practical changes we need in this space. I have no doubt that Pat has the skills, experience and deep motivation to bring much needed change to the area of mental wellbeing.

John Gellet

Visage Group Chair, Vistage.co.uk

I asked Pat for advice and help with my son who outwardly is happy but underneath is going through a difficult time both physically and emotionally. I found Pat to be the absolutely ideal person to talk to with her empathy, warmth and understanding. She has helped me find the confidence and direction which I really needed at this point in my son’s development along with inspirational ideas for day to day challenges. I feel much stronger and more positive moving forward and am very grateful.

Mother of teenagers